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The J Question Explained in 3 Minutes

    Commando2022 – May 7th, 2023

    Wolfowitz Lies About Weapons and Mass Destruction in Iraq

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    1 thought on “The J Question Explained in 3 Minutes”

    1. The truth is that just like it is not guns that injure and kill people, or medicines that injure and kill people and make them fat. It is the ones that are holding the guns that injure and kill people. It is the people (jews) that control and make and patent the lethal and poisonous faux medicines, that are responsible for the damage they do.
      Before the Royals and the wealthy were gentiles, and we had a good world, but since many wars intentional depressions and Wars, achieved the reverse of that, by jews intermarriage for money, and buying up the media and property of all the gentiles, “old money people”. The entire world is run by jews. They are not anything like what those old money gentiles used to be: Christian. The entire Royals and nobility are now jews born of jewish mothers.
      Whatever the old money formerly owned is now owned by jews.
      Let me explain by an example: While my mother was attending Bennington College, the most expensive college in the USA, Groucho Marx’s daughter attended the same year.
      Groucho and his daughter are jewish.
      She, Groucho Marx’s daughter, was thrown out Expelled from Bennington.
      My mother was there, she told me the details that do not get into Wikipedia:
      Groucho’s daughter had countless gang bangs in her dorm room.
      She was expelled when she brought her horse up to the dorm room to have sex with it.
      AI is not the problem, Science and technology can be used for good.
      It is anything under the control of the jews that makes you SLAVES.
      The jews are control freaks who demand a monopoly of all jews in anything they take over.
      The jews are a threat to humanity.
      If the jews control AI, it will be used for evil.
      Just as their control of the entertainment industry has given us satanic movies made by psychopaths.
      As the news media gives us LIES and has destroyed all the communications media and turned it into a way to make people idiots and fools with lies and misinformation.
      They own it all and they hijacked it by deliberately causing the depression of 1929.
      They put people out of work. No jobs, no economy.
      Then they used that long period of no money to get people to go to their satanic war against God, WW2, offering the poor starving people only jobs they could get.
      They used that ownership to promote the lies of the fake story of WW2.
      That caused all of you to HATE the one who came as your savior, Hitler, who came again, born as a human being to save you from the jews. They made you hate god and love the jews, in their propaganda campaign from then until now. When the jews rule over you SATAN, their Master and Lucifer their God rules over you, and now you are all just like the jews, immoral and depraved perverts just like Groucho’s typical jewish daughter.
      You are disgusting to God because you have made the jews your faux Gods and imitate their depravity.
      You will now have with the coming depression the jews are engineering, and the wars to come after it leading to WW3, the jews taking total control over the entire earth, and that is the last you will ever know of God.
      It is not AI that is dangerous, it is the antichrist people who control AI that will take from you your souls and your chance to ever know God and his love ever again. They will use it to take from you any connection to God that you once had. Making you hate Hitler who was God, and being their accomplices in the sin of destroying all things of God on earth, will be the end of the human race.
      It will be billions of years if you ever have even the remotest possibility of ever evolving higher again.
      You will all devolve into demons like the jews. Soulless beings can only devolve into more and more demonic beings of Hell fit only to exist in hell forever. Hell is a PRISON.
      They jews are prison builders.
      The jews will use anything they control to make a prison, where they control SLAVES and they become the masters.

      This is the secret: how the jews keep their slaves, the gentile freemasons from ever gaining freedom or exposing them. Once you renounce Jesus and accept Lucifer or any other God, in God’s place the devil, for selfish gain of what tempting thing they offer you, and you do whatever service the devil requires in exchange for that thing you gained, the devil owns you. You lose your guardian angel and it is replaced
      by a demon. The demons have no real individual minds, just individual powers, the more evil they have done the more powerful the demon will be that controls the freemasons, or satanist.The demons all have a hive mind. All jews have a hive mind. The jews can read each other’s minds through their demons who control them and give them orders. They act collectively as one under Satan’s rule. It is the same for the fallen angels; they all work as a collective under the rule of Lucifer who is their God. Once a freemason has its demon attached, that demon will tell on them as soon as they stray, but moreover, that demon will prevent them from straying overpower them and keep them from talking.

      The only way a freemason can be saved is if their own GENTILE mother prays for them, to be released from that demon. Or if they receive an exorcism. That is what Kanye meant, when he said they killed his mother: They killed her so she could not pray for him.

      Also, once the freemasons join the illuminati, they lose their souls, and can never return.
      Those become possessed by the fallen angels themselves. Furthermore, those belong to the devil not just from that moment they sell their souls, but also in every previous incarnation on earth, from the very beginning of time. Then they become generationally possessed by the fallen angels from the beginning of their creation.

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