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The Infernal King’s Speech

    Bowne Report – Nov 17, 2021

    Prince Charles can feel the power of the British Crown finally coming into his clutches. Queen Elizabeth has ruled for nearly 70 Years. But she won’t live forever. And once the ownership of 6.6 Billion acres are inherited by Charles. Will the land be used in concert with Bill Gates agricultural sabotage.

    And so it was at the recent United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow that we got a glimpse of what an anointed King Charles would look like going forward.

    Charles makes mention of an entity he refers to as “Him”. With all of Charles occultic leanings The reference to “him” is likely his infernal majesty or the antichrist.

    Charles of the German house of Windsor will undoubtedly tests the limits of his powers under the royal prerogative. Unleashing the tyranny of the final stages of the New World Order.

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