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The Fourth Turning – How this crisis was predicted 30 years ago

    Who predicted this crisis, what did they predict, and what comes next? We’re in just Stage 1 of 5 in this crisis. Watch the video to see what we can expect in the coming years.


    Introduction: 00:00

    What can we learn from the book: 01:45

    Stage 1 – The Spark: 02:33

    Stage 2 – Disruption: 03:03

    Stage 3 – Collapse: 03:45

    Stage 4 – Climax: 05:02

    Making sense of the generations/seasons: 06:10

    Stage 5 – New Beginnings: 07:55

    3 Things to do with this information: 08:35


    If you had a crystal ball to the future, what would you do with it? The 2020 coronavirus and civic disorder crises we are seeing was predicted 30 years ago, and we’re only in the first of five stages.

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