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    SGT Report Published August 27, 2022

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    The fight that never ends is the battle between good and evil. And the evil ones won’t stop until they have been vanquished, or we have. Crrow returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest from the front lines of the war against humanity.

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    1 thought on “THE FIGHT THAT NEVER ENDS — CRROW777”

    1. As Crow says, “everything is an offer.”
      What he didn’t go into is how all these offers that are made, eg “Get vaccinated or you lose your job” are actually phrased in a language called “Legalese” – and there is no prohibition against speaking to people in a language they may not understand.
      In legalese, the word “Must” is defined as “May” – so if you must wear a mask on public transport – well, you do the translation.
      This alternative language which they do not tell you they are speaking has its every word defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, ignorance of which will not protect you.
      Another one is when a corporate servant such as a “police officer” stops you and tells you that you have done something wrong; he then asks if you “understand” what he / she has said.
      NEVER agree that you “understand”, because according to BLD, this means that you “stand under” his / her authority over you, so you have entered into a contractual relationship with them, whereby you lose all your natural rights, which are replaced then by the rights they decide to give you – and they cannot do this, as God gave you all your rights – not them.

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