Greg Reese – Jul 31, 2022

Psychopaths and their economists cull the human herd under cover of the green agenda

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believe&repent · 1 August 2022 at 9:38 AM

It is a big fat lie. There are underground complexes built for the elite, all the water will be going there.
All over the earth, these complexes, deep underground military bases, are built, and everywhere, under them the water is being siphoned off for the elite demonic aliens, who live and will be living there. The FEMA camps are built over them, because they are cannibals, who eat flesh and drink blood of living animals and humans. They just want to kill all of you off before they have to go.
Elon Musk, one of them is in on it, he runs the underground tunnel boring now. They think they can hide there once, the Black sun arrives.
Every one of them will be taken by the Black sun when it comes, no matter where they are.
They don’t just want to starve you all, they want to make sure you have no water to grow food or to drink. This world is so destroyed now, like Atlantis was, so much evil, that the black sun is arriving soon and all life will be gone, it will be here in 2023. They know it.
They want to drop a yellow poison on the earth during ww3, that will kill all vegetation and prevent anything from growing there for a long enough time that everyone will become cannibals. They want to turn everyone into baby eating cannibals.
Then they win. The only water left, on earth will also be poisoned, with radiation.
The digital ID and the vaXXX, will all serve to kill people, not for any “great reset” with a new digital currency backed by gold.
That is just for bait, a lure, to make everyone think there will be a new civilization with it.
There won’t be, it is just a trick. They will trick you into everything with LIES and false hope that the damage and chaos they create will be fixed if you just submit and obey them. It will be worse than the covid VAXXX.
They will lie and tell you the mark of the beast/digital ID and the chips in the brain will make you feel blissfully happy and ecstatically full of joy. Don’t be fooled, it will do the exact opposite. They want to do one thing, destroy you and your souls and your DNA, making you into low IQ animals they can torture. When FEMA gives you food, shelter and water in exchange for the mark and the contract you sign with it to denounce Christ and worship Satan, it is a lie, once you take the mark, the food etc will stop and you will become food for cannibals. The elite are not human. They are demonic entities from Hell, in human bodies that became soulless or were cloned and therefore soulless.
The truth is, that these entities, of Hell, came to earth a long time ago, in Atlantis, they manipulated your DNA, back then and turned you into “things”. That is why Atlantis was destroyed. It became Hell on earth for all humans, no longer human, by the manipulation and re-engineering of humans by these who were once angels.
They spent all their time torturing humans. That is why they “fell”. They played that they were GODS, over you.
That is why they were cast out of heaven for eternity.
Because they made you humans of earth DEVOLVE lower, rather than what real Angels do: help you to EVOLVE higher.
By the LAW of ONE, which is: ” You get back what you give.”, They also devolved into hideous reptilians stinky nasty demonic entities, and spend their time in Hell being tortured as they tortured you.
They also created in their own likeness a race of beings on earth, (that now have their present, reptilian DNA), as the “sons of Belial”, who were like the soldiers who kept all the devolved former humans in line and lorded over them like sheep dogs so the sheep, but with vicious cruelty, more like wolves. The Children of the law of one, got their souls back, by the law of one and are all the gentile races of today.
The wolves used to govern are now a recreated race the Khazarian/ashkenazi, that have been made with their own devolved reptilian DNA. Ever since there has been a war, for the souls of the gentiles. The Wolves, have been used to destroy you. As long as you kept the wolves out of your society, all was good and you evolved. Now that they run your society, you have been devolving rapidly and the dark demonic former angels, have gained power over all the earth, led by Lucifer and Satan. They made freemasonry and the Illuminati to procure soulless bodies for them to inhabit.
The treaty with the dark aliens of 1956, president Eisenhower,(a wolf in sheep’s clothing) was one of the last nails in your coffins. There have been many nails over history. But exchanging human beings, babies and children to feed the elite vampires from Hell, for technology was probably the worst.
The final nails are coming now in 2023. They will do the same thing now, that they did to you in the beginning, in Atlantis only worse, it has already begun.
It was a test, this is the final test, to see if you choose to evolve higher by rejecting the devils playing God, who now rule the earth as the NWO, or do you choose to devolve by obeying their commands as they fool you all into submission again, forcing you all with Lies and tricks, into accepting that they are your “gods”.
I think all he evidence, so far suggests that you willingly accept them as your Gods.
As devolved beings, they are not creator Gods, they are destroyer anti-gods. They are the Antichrist.
They are more devolved than you ever were, and will continue to devolve for what they do to all of you.
You have all been worshiping them, and have rejected God and Christ, since ww2.
Had Hitler won the war. Had you recognized God and not rejected him then, none of this would be happening.
You have all been worshiping them, and have rejected God and Christ, since ww2.
All because you are liars and all the things that against the 10 commandments of God.
The law of one, is the law of reality. Liars (the 9th commandment) will be destroyed by Lies.
They, under God’s total control, used only 3 things: Lies, minions: freemasonry and Ashkenazim, and their control and ownership of the Money system, to destroy your souls, and take you from God forever. God has always been in control, you must prove that you choose God and reject the devil, before you can be restored to your previous perfection, the perfection you had before Lucifer and his made you their total slaves, and made you change from the image of God into devolved non-human things. Read the Henoch Prophecies and see the future you would have as ‘things’ again, robot slaves, lorded over by demonic reptilians from Hell, pretending the lie, that they are your “gods” is true.
Fortunately this world will be destroyed before what is in the Henoch prophecies could happen. Those prophecies served as a warning to stop what has happened, but no one listened, no one changed.

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