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The DNC Is On A Highway To Hell

    Dems push anti-American propaganda while striving for total rule

    Jon Bowne | Friday, August 21, 2020

    The telethonesque DNC highlights what the moderate blue dog Democrats once were while shamelessly presenting the radicals they have become. The party should change its name at this point to the Globalist Marxist party. This event should be called the Globalist Marxist Anti Nationalism Convention. While the main speakers ruthlessly lie to the American voter. Selling a slanderous overview of the current administration that actually describes themselves.

    Displaying a hubris so brazen. That Sally Yates who was a conspirator of the Russian collusion hoax and serial rapist Bill Clinton were given prime spots even as new evidence of their criminal behavior became available. Fortunately the DNC virtual celebration of senile creepy Joe is winding down. Biden will now have to leave the comfort of his basement and his interviews with the vile demonic pornography pusher Cardi B to face a hungry mockingbird media and a pummeling from the Commander in Chief on Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 15 in Miami, Florida and Oct. 22 In Nashville, Tennessee.

    Jon Bowne

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