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The dirty “Net Zero” carbon myth (that everyone believes)

Sorelle Amore Finance – Sep 2, 2022

This is why Net Zero is a scam. One that is not only basically believed by the whole world, but one that is running our nations, and being bought and paid for by your tax dollars.

You’ve definitely heard of “Net Zero” before. It was first popularised during the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, hosted by the United Nations. And while they likely have the best interests of our planet at heart, there are of course massive entities (especially the world’s oil companies) who are taking advantage of Net Zero. Mostly, so they can make lots and lots of money.

The worst thing is, one of the solutions being heralded as our best choice for achieving these goals is carbon capture and storage. Which isn’t basically doing anything at all. And is being use to make billions in extra dollars for oil companies.

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