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THE DEVIL’S TRIUMPH: America’s War on Marriage & Family

    RemnantTV Published December 3, 2022

    World War III in Ukraine – who are the baddies and who are the goodies? Well, that’s the question.

    In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt breaks down Chuck Schumer’s “Respect for Marriage Act” which, according to Senator Ted Cruz, will lead to outright persecution of Christian politicians, parents, and priests in America.

    Funny thing is, Michael doesn’t first and foremost blame the Democrats (or the Republican turncoats) for their not-so-veiled assault on Christian Americans. Michael blames the colossal failure of Pope Francis to defend Christian morality as laid out in the official catechisms of the Catholic Church.

    Can we seriously blame homosexuals for being deceived by the Vatican’s massive disinformation campaign?

    And Chuck Schumer? Well, his white privilege is showing again. While millions of Americans are having difficulty feeding their families this winter, old Chuck is positively obsessed with canceling Christian morality. Could this creepy old geezer possibly be any more out of touch?

    Meanwhile back in the real world, England and Wales are no longer Christian majority countries, as Christianity continues to be euthanized all over the world. And Pope Francis says the greatest crisis the world faces today is climate change. I rest my case.

    Is there any hope left? Of course there is, but it’s coming from some pretty unexpected places.

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