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The Deep Fake Abomination

    Bowne Report – Oct 20, 2021

    If you thought the lies and deception in fake media had reached the crown heights of propaganda, think again. An entirely new generation of deep fake trickery will aid the Great Reset and the United Nations Agenda 2030. Demonizing, confusing, and controlling the narrative over a still unsuspecting populace.

    NVIDIA has pioneered deep fake technology that is only a few years away from being hijacked by terrorists, hackers, and worst of all….the Marxist left wing media.

    The deception will reach a boiling point setting the stage for the entrance of totalitarian dictators. And as humanity is forced under the auspice of a cashless society. Then total surveillance, a global I.D. and a Carbon Credit slave system will bind every individual to the overlords of total technocratic control. The foundations of the age old Jacobin nightmare pyramid have already been laid. The cornerstone has been set.

    Those in our Government who claim to be doing everything to combat the madness in Silicon Valley are either ignoring the horrifying truth or are oblivious to it. We are already at war. The United States is under attack by technocratic Eugenicists who have infiltrated all levels of power.

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