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The David Knight Show (8July20 Full Show)

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    — 00:00:00 Trump pulls out of WHO — but how much money is he pouring into Gates’ vaccination agenda?

    — 00:12:14 COVID’s not 1918, it’s not even a pandemic; death rates plummet to same as flu, many asymptomatic

    — 00:22:00 Texas is testing everyone in hospital & if positive, counting as hospitalized BECAUSE of COVID instead of WITH — just like they did with deaths

    — 00:31:24 NYT & DYNUZ cheer protests as 1st Amend but go on hysterical anti-Christian rant to deny the other part of 1A — “the sermons are permeated with virus”

    — 00:42:36 Globalist obsession with biometric tracking turns to palm reading — PalmID, reading subcutaneous vein patterns and instantaneously matching to database. Funded by government & corporations for buying, selling, doing businesses and tracking movement

    — 00:55:23 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) suddenly stops when infant vaccination stops because of COVID

    — 01:03:42 “Hopium” the new stimulant drug for Stock Markets. Fauci has run tests on his personal friends, Moderna & Gilead, although it will have serious side-effects on others including addiction & crashes.

    — 01:16:36 Marxist migrants, Ilhan & Kshama, openly talk about destroying America

    — 01:35:17 Duckworth ducks debate with Tucker, then shows herself to be the warmongering successor to McCain

    — 01:45:18 Cancel Culture eats its own as 100 libs discover the value of free speech when THEY are attacked

    — 01:54:28 Violence of WHITE BLM

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