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Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:20 What has done the most damage to America? The LOCKDOWN or the LOOTING? David looks at how they are connected and why they are both encouraged to continue

— 00:30:06 Great Depression Unemployment – Unhappy Days Are Here Again

— 00:38:09 Davos, World Economic Forum, lays out its blueprint for the global “Great Reset” and how their “stakeholder” owners will drive a stake through your heart

— 00:41:56 Cuomo rejects the idea that a protest should be peaceful as Project Veritas reveals Antifa training on gouging out eyes

— 00:46:21 One of the human guinea pigs for Moderna’s mRNA vaccine speaks out on the horrific effect. Why is Trump funding this at “Warp Speed” instead of locking these people up for violating the Nuremberg Code?

— 00:58:11 Doug Hagmann,, joins to his perspective as a private investigator on how & if the organized effort to create Civil War 2.0 will be investigated

— 01:23:56 The European origins and tactics of Antifa

— 01:37:50 With anarchy on the streets, more militarization of police or military used as police is the only solution being offered. But there is a solution that is NOT being talked about that doesn’t involve a trade-off between abuse & anarchy


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