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The David Knight Show 3Jan21 – Unabridged

    The David Knight Show – January 3rd, 2022

    Hr 1 Seg 1:

    * Listener letters, corrections

    * New York effectively cancelled New Years Eve coverage except for political ceremony — new Mayor sworn in, old mayor sworn at by drunken CNN contributor as Anderson Cooper tries to stop him

    * In Naples, Italy people refuse to obey covid and fireworks prohibitions

    Hr 1 Seg 2: begins approximately 22:03

    * A perfect metaphor for government: Queen’s guards near Tower of London knock down child without warning (and step on him?)

    * Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested again

    * “Green” Chinese utility shut down for pumping out CARBOLIC ACID! Can they buy carbolic acid credits?

    * Beverly Hills ONLY gun store is doing big business — as a bespoke “concierge”. Some are looking for a “Tony Stark” solution

    Hr 1 Seg 3: begins approximately 42:31

    * Omicron cognitive dissonance is all over the headlines. They admit it’s nothing but push panic. A look at worldwide headlines

    * VIDEO: Omicron DEATH! – a supercut of media’s horror movie

    Hr 2 Seg 1: begins approximately 1:00:50

    * Fauci continues to ignore the failure of his jabs while he makes unvaxed people the “disease”, the threat to the helpless vaxed.

    * Missouri Governor says the emergency is over

    * Reasons to be optimistic about 2022

    * I keep getting asked the question “Is Alex controlled opposition?” Here’s my answer

    Hr 2 Seg 2: begins approximately 1:19:56

    * Controlling opposition, continued

    * Flynn & his “one religion”. Is it LGBT worship?

    * Why Trump will NEVER stop praising his injections. It’s about more than ego

    * Glenn Beck — the Tea Party quasi religious movement and his “activation” during the Bundy Ranch standoff

    Hr 2 Seg 3: begins approximately 1:42:06

    * The bizarre combination of New Age Paganism and “Prosperity Gospel” from the people who sold “Q”

    * The secularization and politicization of Christianity. Is it any wonder that it’s dead to millennials?

    Hr 3 Seg 1: begins approximately 2:01:00

    * Wayne Allyn Root on 4 things that Trump MUST do to inoculate himself against criticism of his jabs

    * Ben Shapiro’s list of 10 things “THEY all knew”. What does Shapiro know that he’s NOT talking about?

    Hr 3 Seg 2: begins approximately 2:19:29

    * More evidence that the pandemic was PLANNED — this ALSO was done in Oct 2019. Should we rename the pandemic the October Surprise?

    * Another BigPharma opioid judgement. But J&J got away — with murder

    * Denmark exposes CIA funded research on unsuspecting orphan children in the 60’s

    * Fauci finally admits that asymptomatic children are going in to the hospital for things like broken legs and then counted as covid cases — but JAB THEM ANYWAY

    Hr 3 Seg 3: begins approximately 02:42:28

    * Powerful video from RFK, Jr: “we’re sacrificing children” and “no one ever complied their way out of totalitarianism”

    * Military Speaks Out About “The Purge”. Listener letter and Marines speak out. Even if you’re not religious, you should be concerned that these actions, strongly prohibited in both Constitution and many laws, are being completely ignored

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