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The David Knight Show (31July20 Full Show)

    The David Knight Show

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    — 00:04:14 Politico pointed out 3 yrs ago that Gates’ money had given him control over not only the global health institutions but the global political structure. The fight over masks & HCQ is not about real science vs junk science but real authority vs JUNK AUTHORITY.

    — 00:22:05 HCQ was banned yesterday by Ohio Dept of Health & then rolled back the same day as Gov DeWine “asked”. Is it a victory or a dangerous precedent left standing?

    — 00:41:29 The Governor vs The Singer: It’s the BEST of times for Government, the worst of times for YOU

    — 00:46:02 Gold, cashless FedCoin, Operation Choke Point

    — 01:19:21 Fauci is LYING about Phase 3. The difference between EFFICACY, EFFECTIVENESS, IMMUNOGENICITY and why they don’t do ANY tests to prove the efficacy of vaccines.

    — 01:28:51 Richard Proctor,, on Gen Flynn’s double-jeopardy after judge acting as prosecutor gets a retrial without a jury and the Constitutional problems with rule by medical bureaucrats

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