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The David Knight Show (28May20 Full Show)

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    — 00:04:23 Day 73— REAL epidemiologists says REOPEN, Social Security likely to be not be adjusted for Cost of Living increase

    — 00:14:15 Masks are now the focus of COVID propaganda

    — 00:22:58 Social distancing – DHS & CDC used a high school science fair project in 2007 to establish the rules they’re pushing today

    — 00:42:33 Senators get away with MILLIONS in Insider Trading while Biden says no help for middle class to go to college

    — 00:51:43 Trump admits HE shut down the country and says it was the right thing to do. Both Fauci & Birx approve of his actions.

    — 00:56:31 Gallup says 88% of Americans KNOW the FACT that you can get COVID from touching surfaces. But experiments and even CDC say that’s not true. And yet another study debunks the “transmission by asymptomatic people” superstition.

    — 01:04:50 NYC & Chicago threaten to permanently close and even destroy church buildings for violating their “orders”

    — 01:32:13 Harvard professor blames GOP talk of reopening on Christians who’re NOT afraid of dying (like he is)

    — 01:43:05 Now international airlines join the push for a global digital ID & biometric tracking

    — 01:46:48 Looking back from the future — the 2020’s as seen from a dystopian 2030

    — 01:56:03 Twitter, Trump & Free Speech – Judge Napolitano defends right of big corporations to do anything they wish to your constitutionally protected human rights

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