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The David Knight Show (23October20 Full Show)

    The David Knight Show – Oct 24, 2020

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    23Oct20 Full Show

    Desc: Topics by timecode

    — 00:04:14 Presidential Debate over COVID

    — 00:13:42 “Dark Winter” more than just a colorful phrase. Operation Dark Winter is something Biden knows about — you should, too

    — 00:34:03 More info that Operation Warp Speed is a compartmentalized black op

    — 00:40:08 Biden’s (and America) have a mask fetish

    — 00:44:16 83 yr old woman says she “doesn’t give a sod” about COVID and doesn’t want to live her few remaining years “fastened in a house.” But like Trump supporters she absolves Boris Johnson of any responsibility for unnecessary lockdown

    — 00:46:11 California thinks they have a way to shut down 7,000 member church in LA — 3 people have tested positive after 4 months of no masks, no social distancing & singing

    — 00:55:46 Michael Voris,, on how Catholic Church is responding to lockdown and the Pope’s newest liberal cause — homosexual marriage (civil union)

    — 01:28:22 Why would AstraZeneca use a meningitis vaccine for the placebo group in COVID vaccine test?

    — 01:34:35 Santa’s been fired from Macy’s due to lockdown — we need a Miracle on 34th St (and Main Street, USA)

    — 01:37:51 Richard Proctor,, on whether Hillary might replace Biden, what happens AFTER the election (20th Amendment deadline of Jan 20th) and lockdown economics

    The David Knight Show

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