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The David Knight Show (23July20 Full Show)

    The David Knight Show – Jul 24, 2020

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    Topics by Timecode:

    — 00:00:00 “Cuomo Chips” — the very definition of authoritarianism

    — 00:04:22 Masks get tighter, regulations get forceful

    — 00:26:59 More questions about 5G & health & COVID tests

    — 00:36:23 Trump & FOX: BigPharma pitchmen

    — 00:41:25 Media calls “anti-maskers” “psychopaths” & “narcissists” as psychopathic govt adds mask police, fines & jail

    — 00:55:17 Anarchy & lawless govt

    — 01:03:47 Trump’s law & order campaign will take federalization of police to another level with “Operation Legend”. Has any notice been paid to others killed in bed by militarized police & the UN War on Drugs?

    — 01:27:34 Barr’s “Operation Relentless Pursuit” & Pelosi HR 7120

    — 01:45:18 Gerald Celente: Gold & silver vs negative interest rate Bonds, the currency reset & the devastation of NYC by Cuomo’s lockdown

    The David Knight Show

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