Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:18 The real pandemic is FEAR and the madness of crowds

— 00:35:36 Fauci didn’t lie? He touted HCQ in 2005

— 00:46:01 Trump embraces Fauci the Fraud (“we’re on the same team”) and criticizes Peter Navarro for exposing Fauci. Now you know which team Trump is on

— 00:56:58 Media tries to spin the lies about Florida cases

— 01:00:06 Boris Yeltsin’s American grocery store visit in 1989 brought down the Berlin Wall. Why isn’t YOUR grocery store visit bringing down our Soviet-style marxist mandates?

— 01:05:22 Americans obsess with next govt handout

— 01:13:13 Walmart pushes mask mandates to the 65% of their stores where the is NO govt mandate

— 01:23:26 The Twitter hack and how it’s being used by dark intel agencies

— 01:42:29 Kanye, Biden, Parscale, Lincoln Project — Circus 2020


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