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The David Knight Show 10Oct22 – Unabridged

The David Knight Show – October 10th, 2022

* PayPal caves to public pressure, removes $2,500 “fine” their new “terms of service” would steal for every violation of “truth” as determined by your overlords. But what the public did is the real story and begs the question — how will bank runs look in digital space?
* Jon Stewart debates Arkansas AG on GM kids (genitally mutilated children). Here’s what she SHOULD have say, but didn’t
* Moving the Overton Window toward Mark of the Beast
* DACA found illegal by court. Regardless of what you think about immigration, how DACA was handled should set off alarms about how our government has changed. NYC and NY state panic over 1/3 of 1% of illegals
* The Multi-Headed Monster of Censorship. Hail Hydra! To stop corporate censorship and “governance” we need to understand the myriad sources, incentives and threats that make it possible
* Musk’s Twitter purchase is STILL not certain say his lawyers. Even if it happens, this clip shows how Musk has been neutered and controlled by government censors
* Flynn, false prophet. General Flynn is right when he says it is a spiritual war but he pushes the teachings of New Age, nuclear doomsday cult and mixes it with Christian talk, giving ammunition to those wishing to purge Christian ethics and free exercise.
* From FBI to traffic cops — you should be outraged by the excessive, dangerous, and deadly force being exercised
* ESG: The Final Stage of Fiat Financialism

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