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The David Knight Show (10July20 Full Show)

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    — 00:04:27 Day 116, Texas “suggests” wearing masks while inside home as Austin & Colorado city implement $2,000+ fines — until Dec 31.

    — 00:13:41 Democrat strategist openly says lockdown & economic ruin are their path to victory as both Republican & Libertarian national conventions move to Florida from NC & TX

    — 00:21:57 The “fiat economy” shuts down filming in LA, drag race track in Colorado and creates empty produce shelves at SAM’s Club in Utah

    — 00:31:21 Supreme Court creates legal turmoil by handing half of Oklahoma to Indian tribes to free a pedophile guilty of heinous abuse of a 4 yr old. The ruling will give a “get of jail free” card to many convicts and empower the corrupt Indian reservation system in the former state of Oklahoma

    — 00:41:33 China moves to control curriculum in Hong Kong, like Washington does in America to control the future

    — 00:46:11 Christian organizations are beginning to fight back against unequal & illegal closure orders

    — 00:55:39 Al Waddell joins: Christians must understand that this is a test of authority and obedience — what is true authority and who will you obey? Are you called to passivity or to go on offense?

    — 01:23:08 A list of studies worldwide showing we HAVE a cure for COVID and media is lying to you to keep lockdown going

    — 01:37:07 Push for cashless society escalated, LEAD Act to ban privacy, encryption, cryptocurrency

    — 01:45:14 Catherine Austin Fitts,, joins: financial controls, surveillance and vaccines for the final invasion — the brain (The Injection Fraud)

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