The David Knight Show

Topics by timecode: — 00:04:35 Massive looting in Chicago — but government lockdown has done far more damage

— 00:13:54 Sturgis unmasked biker rally of freedom freaks out propaganda press; Dentists are freaked out by risk in oral infections from mask wearers they dub “Mask Mouth”

— 00:56:18 Churches are pushing back against lockdown orders & unequal treatment under law holding church in Walmarts, a Vegas casino and flatly refusing to comply in California

— 01:04:46 Eric Peters,, comply or defy — the dilemma of businesses. What Biden was pushing with his Covette photo-op

— 01:24:21 New revelations about the establishment takedown of Gen Flynn & the continuing persecution of the Bundy family tell you everything you need to know about the corruption of the Federal govt and the DOJ under Obama & Trump

— 01:38:26 We’ve reached the Outer Limits of civilization and sanity as math is now attacked

— 01:47:11 Patrick Howley joins — CPS reformer rises in the polls in California congressional race talking about REAL child separation. And did Clapper & Brennan blackmail John Roberts?


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