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The Covid-House of Cards is Crumbling, and it’s Freaking Beautiful

    SonOfEnos Published August 29, 2022

    There have been massive developments all over the world, major court cases in the United States that are pitting 5 of the biggest insurance companies against Big-Pharma in a class-action lawsuit where two financial Titans are trying to throw each other under the bus over whose left holding the bag for the damages caused by the lethal injections.

    Another case is about to hit the courts where a whistleblower is prepared to testify under oath that Fauci is directly responsible for developing the Covid-19 bioweapon.

    Australia is opening the floodgates where those injured by the jabs can take their lying doctors to the freaking cleaners.

    In Canada, these people are not safe to walk the streets, they are being confronted everywhere they show their faces. Plus a massive protest is heading to Ottawa that will unite the Patiots and the Native Freedom Fighters against the Liberal World Order.

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