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The Best Footage of a UFO Ever Caught on Tape?

    CARET – May 19, 2022

    This exceptional footage was taken near a military base in 2003, in broad daylight and without any background audio.
    The tape was sent anonymously to Antonio Chiumiento in a package marked with the words ‘I’m afraid’.
    The object with a classic disc shape seems to explore the area, hovering gently at a height of around 7- 8 meters. (approximately 26 feet) .
    It then disappears at an enormous rate of speed, which was estimated at 20,000 kilometers per hour. That is approximately 12,437 miles per hour.
    Before being released, the video was carefully examined by a team of engineers and was deemed authentic, at least from the point of view of digital tampering. it was released by local TV stations and subsequently by Studio Aperto. The video of the UFO on the Vajont is arguably the best ever caught on tape.

    Location: Vajont, Pordenone Italy
    Date: 2003

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