XYZ | By David Hiscox – June 7, 2022

It’s the Jews.

That’s the tl;dr.

The slightly longer tl;dr is that the Australian and Victorian governments are colluding with a private security firm called the Community Service Group (CSG). Like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) which exploit a benign acronym to enforce speech codes upon Western society and internet users on behalf of one ethnicity alone, the CSG stalks and harasses ordinary Australians perceived to be a security threat because they engage in mild pro-White activism.

The CSG was created by Mossad, colludes regularly with Mossad and provides a fertile recruitment ground for Mossad. It colludes with Victoria Police and acts as a private enforcement agency on behalf of Israelis in Australia.

Let’s examine the evidence.

Christian arrested for going to church

The door to this rabbit hole starts with the arrest of a Christian man at church Sunday week ago. Four police cars arrived at the front of a Catholic Church in Melbourne’s South East to arrest the young man under the pretext of breaching bail conditions.

The Christian man is a local nationalist who was arrested on trumped up charges regarding some harmless stickering. As a result he was banned from visiting the Glen Eira region unless for a lawful purpose:

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PJ London · 9 June 2022 at 5:33 PM

In a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (US President 1913 – 1921) Colonel Edward Mandell House predicted the banksters’ plans to enslave the American people. He stated:

“Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency.

Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges.

They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.

This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realising it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.”

Copied in every “Western” country.

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