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Thailand drops a BOMBSHELL on @pfizer !!!

Free Your Mind – February 4th, 2023

Taken from Telegram

and they’re PISSED! The narrative is collapsing!

Credit to : Redacted

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2 thoughts on “Thailand drops a BOMBSHELL on @pfizer !!!”

  1. If you had not believed the lies of the devil jews.
    If you instead saw Hitler as who is was: Jesus.
    And had you known he would have saved you from the jews and their plans to enslave and destroy all gentiles.
    If you only knew how much the jews hate all gentiles and Jesus Christ.
    NONE of this HORROR would be happening.
    Until you see the devil for who the devil is and ban them from your gentiles societies completely,
    You will be their victims and they will not only slaughter you in WW3, they will take the Maximum amount of souls down to Hell possible.
    Covid is a jewish CON, for the destruction of all the gentiles and Christians and Buddhists and Hindus. All gentile religions are GOOD and Of God. The jews seek to rob you of all you ever once had, including your FREEDOM, HEALTH and all Happiness.
    But mostly they want to take from you any chance to get to Heaven,
    because all jews live only once and go straight to Hell for crucifying Jesus Christ.
    They continue to crucify him, by leading you astray from your paths to Heaven.
    Israel, Russia and China are all one evil hand of the devil.
    They and America, provide the adrenochrome the fallen angels of Hell are addicted to.
    The adrenochrome that is their most valuable commodity and currency, they use to buy sell and trade with one another.
    America is doomed, because it supported their own downfall and the downfall of the human race, when they fought Hitler, who was Jesus in WW2.
    That is why America will die in one day, very soon: as Mystery Babylon the great.
    America gave this world as a gift for the total control and domination and power of the fallen angels of Hell: the jewish illuminati Bankers.
    They are not human.
    They NEVER die, they go from one generation to the next by demonic possession in the same family.
    They can possess any human body that has no soul.
    Only Gentiles have souls and angels protecting them from the demons now loosed all over this earth.
    The rest live in any soulless body.
    The jews are born with demons from HELL, that control them completely as slaves of the devil.

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