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Texas Sheriff Isn’t F*cking Around…

    battlescar – October 18th, 2022

    On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, officials announced that Collin County detention officer Tyler Moody was arrested for providing an inmate with a contraband phone. He was also subsequently fired from his position by the Collin County Sheriff.

    A detention officer discovered a cellphone and charger in an inmate’s cell in the Collin County Jail on Monday, October 10. According to officials, Tyler Moody confessed to supplying the inmate with the phone. Moody, who has been a detention officer since October 2019, was charged with a third-degree felony for bringing prohibited substances and items to a correctional or civil commitment facility.

    A video of the detention officer being fired from his post was released to the public by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. In the video, Tyler Moody is seen in conversation with Sheriff Jim Skinner. Sheriff Skinner can be heard telling him that he was fired as Moody sits down. He further said:

    “You’re fired. You’re no longer an employee here. Understand? You betrayed the trust of every citizen that we have the privilege to serve. And you’ve betrayed the trust of the brave and selfless men and women that you’ve worked alongside for nearly three years.”

    “So as of this moment, you’re under arrest for bringing up riveted item, a cell phone, into a correctional facility as a third degree felony. You have any questions about that? When you’re going to be cuffed, first thing that you want to do is stand up and take that uniform shirt off. You don’t deserve to wear it.”


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