• McGowan accuses Prime Minister Scott Morrison of pandering to anti-vaxxers 
  • Western Australia is lagging behind the other states in vaccination numbers
  • A woman shouted ‘We will rise up’, a phrase often used by far right protesters
  • Premier’s staff have faced rape threats and a bizarre alleged tank plot

By Padraig Collins For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:06 AEDT, 18 November 2021 | Updated: 22:51 AEDT, 18 November 2021

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan has had to flee anti-vax protestors who swarmed around him just a day after his staff received rape threats. 

After he made it to his car, protestors started banging on the windows and one of them shouted that Mr McGowan was a ‘f***ing coward’.

As the Premier made his way to the car, he was confronted by an agitated and loud group of anti-vaxxers determined to have their say. 

Mr McGowan – who was last week at the centre of an alleged plot to dump a tank outside his office – had earlier accused Scott Morrison of using ‘weasel words’ and pandering to anti-vaxxers.


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