BANNED ON YOUTUBE – You DO NOT need to quarantine!! Know Your Rights Flying from a Red Zone Country

SixthSense – October 28th, 2021 MIRROR SOURCE:Awakening Nation: 2.6k views this video was banned on PooTube and I got a strike on my channel! Not surprising really. I originally saw this video on Telegram. This gentleman eloquently explains how he flew from Brazil, a ‘red zone country’ to the Read more…

Covid PRISONERS Speak Out

Avi Yemini – January 15th, 2021. Olivia Ascenzo was left distraught when her parents Gary and Sue Paciocco, were detained for no reason upon returning home to Melbourne from holidaying interstate. FULL REPORT by Avi Yemini: ——–❤️????❤️SUPPORT MY WORK❤️????❤️ Rebel News: Avi Yemini