AustraliaOne Party – Humans as Lab Rats

AustraliaOne Party – Jan 12th, 2023 During our A1 LIVE show presentations, October 2022, Riccardo discussed how we are being used as lab rats. Watch FULL videos via the links below:23 Oct 2022 – Melbourne LIVE afternoon presentation 25 Oct 2022 – Canberra LIVE presentation

AustraliaOne Party Update with Riccardo Bosi

AustraliaOne Party Published September 23, 2022 23 September 2022Riccardo Bosi gives his latest update. – Reserve Bank of Australia– AustraliaOne update in South Australia– Western Australia State of Emergency– Russia– FBI, CIA– Vax Injuries– What’s going to happen in September– Do you job David Hurley

AustraliaOne Party – Launch Video

AustraliaOne Party Published August 29, 2022 Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between ‘left’ and ‘right’, but between right and Read more…