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Swedens ‘No Lockdown’ approach sees Covid-19 cases decrease as other European Nations fear Second Wave

    Nickie Posted On July 31, 2020

    With millions around the world under lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, one Scandinavian nation stands almost alone. As the rest of the world shut down their economies to stop the spread of coronavirus, Sweden made a contrary decision to keep its economy open. In Sweden, daily life continues largely as normal as Swedish health authorities took a radically different approach to tackling the virus.

    On June 24, Sweden recorded its highest cases of 1,803 COVID-19 infections. Now, Sweden seems to have turned a corner and its herd immunity approach seems to be paying off. As European countries now worry about the potential second wave of coronavirus, new infections in Sweden, where full lockdown measures were not implemented, have been going down since late June.

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