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Supreme Commander Of AFU Zaluzhny Begs Zelensky To Create Harsh Penalties For Deserters

    December1991 – December 20th, 2022

    Looks like things are going bad with desertions when the supreme commander himself has to beg in a public video to basically execute deserters.

    1 thought on “Supreme Commander Of AFU Zaluzhny Begs Zelensky To Create Harsh Penalties For Deserters”

    1. Ukraine and Russia are both controlled by Israel, by the evil jews of Israel.
      They are waging a sham war to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of all GENTILES. Including all the gentile soldiers. The fake “NAZI” soldiers are the Israelis, they are the jews of the synagogue of satan.
      They need money and weapons they will use to build Ukraine into Big Israel.
      To make it the epicenter of control over the NWO. They will wage war on the whole world with the money they are getting and Laundering for this fake war.
      The soldiers are fleeing because they are KILLING THEM, they give them nothing and want them to have no armaments to fight with, no food clothing or shelter to wage the war, so they will all die.
      It is another HOAX just like the Holocaust.
      The antichrist jews use wars to get money and power and to kill off gentiles, to make gentiles kill each other in wars that are all a sham. There is no reason for violence and war. Only the jews gain from it, at the loss of Gentile lives and souls.
      STOP war: don’t participate. God Bless the Ukraine military for putting down their guns and saving their own and other Gentile/Russian lives.

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