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Stunning Scenes of NonCompliance! People United Cannot Be Defeated!

    bitchuter321 – September 15th, 2022

    Bradley Stoke UK Stunning Scenes! This is how you beat “The System”. Shoppers took the time to line up and be served instead of using the New Self Checkout System.. Non-Compliance will win this
    Demand to pay in cash or leave!
    Use your cash and most importantly maybe we can stop shopping at these globalist scumbags…. Go to your local shops but it’s at least a start.

    1 thought on “Stunning Scenes of NonCompliance! People United Cannot Be Defeated!”

    1. It is so blatantly obvious all over the world that WEF and Bill Gates mob, which includes Masonic heads and Soros,: the Illuminati and many billionaires intend to get complete control of our lives, to eliminate us and reduce world population ASAP. May these atheistical Communists be totally defeated as they attempt to fight against Almighty God

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