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Stop saying that you had it, stop saying you know someone who had it ~ Amandha Vollmer

    Jim Crenshaw – January 1st, 2022

    The poisoning of your mind will lead to the poisoning of your body.

    4 thoughts on “Stop saying that you had it, stop saying you know someone who had it ~ Amandha Vollmer”

    1. Hi Amandha, I agree with you, but still don’t know or understand what I was sick from. I supposedly “had c…d”. I had two flus in my life and this WAS NOT A FLU. The fatigue I experienced was unbelievable, no upper respiratory symptoms, but fever, headache and an outer worldly existential misery that I cannot explain, because it was too weird. I’m healthy, eat real, organic food and exercise a lot. After I was sick my neck hurt and no chiropractor nor exercise really helps it and after one year this pain, restricted range of motion and stiffness is still going on. How can that be explained?

      1. Hello Beatrice. The symptoms are symptoms of detoxing a toxin. If you look up ethylene oxide poisoning the symptoms are the same as the omnicron symptoms. Dandelion tea/tincture is good for on going detoxing. Hope this helps

    2. Thank you so much for debunking “germ theory.” God made us to detoxify our bodies. The only way a toxin-calling illness can get into our bodies is through injestion (bad food), injection (snake or insect bite), or inhalation (pollution).

      I have been saying this since 2019. The Great Grieving is about to start…..

    3. Beatrice, who in your life is “a pain in the neck”? Do you have unresolved conflict with any of those (toxic to you) people? You might want to look into “The Body Code” or some equivalent for guidance. Also check into German New Medicine.

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