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Stacks of Bricks Found in Cities Nationwide Ahead of Election Results

    Pallets of bricks located in downtown Chicago, Lansing, and Denver. – November 3rd 2020, 1:10 pm

    Image Credit:Twitter

    Voters are reporting seeing stacks of bricks strategically placed in cities throughout the United States.

    As America awaits 2020 election results, numerous Americans have reported seeing pallets of bricks placed in downtown areas near businesses, with many assuming left-wing rioters are preparing for total destruction if the election doesn’t go their way.

    Here are just a few places where stacks of bricks have been reported:

    Detroit, Michigan:

    More Random Stacks of Bricks Found! This time in Detroit, Michigan on Woodward Ave. #Breaking #Staged #ElectionChaos #News— Dahboo7 (@dahboo7) November 3, 2020

    Connecticut and Denver:

    THE BRICKS ARE BACK – Piles of bricks started “showing up” again yesterday. Remember similar staged bricks and other rioting materials were pre-positioned in summer riots. If you SEE something like this – report it to police.— ReRead – #beNotAfraid (@DigMemePray) November 3, 2020

    More Denver:

    Unbolted benches & piles of bricks showing up on street corners in blue cities. This is Denver. They don’t have anything planned tonight do they? ???? #ElectionNight— Ʈᗩ૪ᒪටᖇ ???? (@FOJM_7) November 3, 2020

    Santa Monica, California:

    @SantaMonicaPD @santamonicacity So dear city and police leaders – what’s your take on these convenient stacks of bricks left lying around in Santa Monica? Seems odd…no? I’m sure someone will be dispatched to remove these potential riot projectiles— Sid Sycamore (@sid_sycamore) November 3, 2020

    Lansing, Michigan:

    Chicago (Debunked):

    Supposedly piles of bricks mysteriously showing up in Chicago tonight. Lovely! @PeterRQuinones @EricDJuly @HotepJesus @MonicaPerezShow @freedomactradio @ComicDaveSmith @ThaddeusRussell— JJ Boogie ▶️???? (@JJ_Boogie) November 3, 2020

    Amid the protests and riots dedicated to George Floyd over the summer, many people throughout the country reported finding pallets of bricks in Democrat-run big cities, presumably placed there by groups hoping to incite violence.

    Nc Fayetteville it real— Dez (@64hunblock) May 31, 2020

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