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Soros, Soviets, Science and Blood – Fascinating History!

    Amazing Polly – April 27th, 2022

    I pulled some threads on Soros in Russia (USSR). I found fascinating stories & mind-blowing connections! If you’d like to send a gift of support, please go here: THANK YOU, wonderful audience! …more below…
    Video first half: Soros’ meddling in the collapse of the USSR (which oddly leads to a creepy story about a female serial killer)
    Second Half: Backgrounds of people on Soros’ International Science Foundation – Eugenics, Genetics, NASA, & soviet/hollywood-style propaganda.

    The Staggeringly Profitable Business Scientific Journals / Robert Maxwell:

    Who Lost Russia by Soros:

    VIDEO, Amazing Polly: Soros & Ukraine:

    VIDEO, Amazing Polly: Epstein, Maxwell, Science and Control w story of Rocket Boys Screenplay:

    60 Minutes Interview w Soros: Infamous George Soros 60 Minutes Interview – YouTube

    Soros Fund Launches Noah’s Ark, Physics Today 1993:

    International Science Foundation Synopsis, Sanford, Duke, 1992:

    Lederberg Eugenics: Ball, N. (2014, March 12). Lederberg, Joshua. Retrieved March 26, 2022, from

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