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Something Seems Fishy About This Afghanistan Craziness

    On The Fringe Published August 16, 2021

    Rumble — So much of the crazy information that is coming out of Afghanistan and anything from the Biden regime seems perfectly odd or off. This is almost too perfect, it feels like and seems like this is an attempt to draw out the deep state’s next major move. A lot is happening and a lot of people are seeing the issue plain as day even though the deep state is intentionally trying to downplay it all. Too much of a perfect storm is happening. NCSWIC WWG1WGA

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    1 thought on “Something Seems Fishy About This Afghanistan Craziness”

    1. It’s called Order out of Chaos. They’re creating so much chaos the majority of the people will be subservient to anyone in control. Welcome to The Joo World Order.

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