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“Six Million Jews” – 10 Newspapers (1915 – 1938)

    No Covid Coronavirus – 2022

    A strange coincidence discovered by TheTrans22. No People has suffered as the Jews, the “SIX MILLION JEWS” already mentioned in 10 Newspapers between 1915 and 1938 before the “HOLOCAUST”.

    This video breaks down 10 articles in which the 6,000,000 tortured, starved, dead or dying Jews and/or the holocaust was mentioned in the years from 1915-1938. Before the alleged holocaust and up to 2 decades before Adolf Hitler came to power! 

    Unfortunately these aren’t a couple innocent mistakes, or confused individuals. This is a carefully and deliberately organized crime. These are lies upon lies upon lies. Thousands of powerful individuals and numerous powerful organizations have fabricated and perpetuated this lie for decades. 

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