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Shock Video: Man Tries To Publicly Rape Woman In Broad Daylight In NYC

    Crime and killings skyrocket in New York City after Mayor de Blasio defunds police, releases criminals

    Jamie White | – August 30, 2020

    Man sought for attempted to rape a 25-year-old in full public view yesterday on the 63/Lexington St platform in Manhattan, New York.

    The woman reportedly began screaming, prompting bystanders and witnesses to intervene and record the assault.

    “Hey, get off her!” a person yelled in the video.

    The man is then seen getting up and shrugging the assault off like he did nothing wrong.

    The NYPD confirmed that the incident was an attempted rape on the woman.

    “The individual then climbed on top of the female and attempted to rape her, but he stopped when a crowd of bystanders formed,” New York Police said in a statement.

    New York City has been struggling with a massive crime wave in recent months following Democrat Mayor Mike de Blasio’s disastrous far-left policies of defunding the NYPD by $1.5 billion and releasing thousands of criminals so they supposedly wouldn’t catch and spread COVID-19 in confinement.

    Thanks to Ashley Walker 3 YouTube Channel

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