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Scottish Flat Earther Destroys Joe Rogan

    EricDubay Published November 18, 2022

    For the past two years, comedian Joe Rogan has made repeated constant attacks against specific flat Earthers and the whole flat Earth subject itself yet refuses to engage in dialogue with any knowledgeable members of the community. The following video from Beyond he Imaginary Curve destroys Joe Rogan’s illogical arguments, strawman fallacies, and general idiocy with regards to true natural science and his unsubstantiated belief that we are living on a tilting, wobbling, spinning blue testicle.

    1 thought on “Scottish Flat Earther Destroys Joe Rogan”

    1. Why do you, as I thought an intelligent source of news, promote the flat earth fallacy? We have seen their rubbish spreading like cancer among people. This destructive belief has incapacitated the minds of people. Once you take in this garbage, you can no longer reason and your mind becomes infected with a dreadful disease called cognitive dissonance.

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