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Scientists Have Built the First Modular Body – A Living Being That Isn’t Alive

    Jim Crenshaw – April 21st, 2023

    So we have gone from Build-A-Bear Workshops at the mall to this?

    Biologist Cornelis Vlasman envisions the human body as a working biological LEGO system. And his clickable system of interchanging human organs is coming to life … if you’re willing to define life fairly loosely. And you’re willing to suspend reality for a bit.

    In a (fictional) experiment, Vlasman created OSCAR, a living, organic being formed from his own cells, albeit one that functions with the help of technology. And if having a pocket-sized human system crafted from organic material wasn’t interesting enough, OSCAR is fully modular—here’s where you can start thinking LEGO-like worlds—with each part interchangeable to create unique arrangements.

    Fictional? Experiment? Hmmm.
    This is some evil vile crap.
    Source: Cornelis Vlasman on YouTube

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