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Scientism Exposed – Science Falsely So Called (2016)

    “Scientism Exposed” is the long-awaited documentary film uncovering the spiritual agenda and deception with the scientific worldview that many teach today as proven truth and fact.

    Celebrate Truth Presents – A Flat Out Truth Production – “Scientism Exposed”

    A Robbie Davidson Film.


    Kevin Johnston

    Brian Mullin

    Daniel Johnson

    Richard Hopkins

    Robbie Davidson

    Do you believe in billions or do you believe in the Bible?

    Approximately 120 minutes.

    1 thought on “Scientism Exposed – Science Falsely So Called (2016)”

    1. It is the sure sign of a Godless Satanist, all their beliefs and knowledge are incorrect and the opposite of the truth, it is all LIES and knowing those lies makes them feel really proud and powerful.
      Because Satanists have no truth in them whatsoever.
      Pride that evil is good right is wrong and lies are truth is exactly how the devil comes to own people.
      That is how Hell is, the absence of all truth and taking pride in that.
      The absence of God and pretending you are God: that is Satanism.
      These Satanists are on a mission from Satan to dominate and control everyone and make hate, fear, false Pride, false guilt their weapons to do it.
      They are pushing LIES on us to take this earth down to the lower level of Hell.
      Just because they have chosen to be a permanent resident of Hell upon their deaths, does not give them license to force us to do the same.
      Just because they believe lies and have false pride does not give them the authority to make this world a replica of the Hell they themselves are going to spend eternity in.
      We have a right to choose God, truth, love and peace and demand our freedom to resist all things Satanic that lead to Hell.
      They are so delusional they actually believe that Hell is heaven and think Satanism is a Blessing to them.
      They believe that a filthy demonic spirit and a dead soul is valuable.
      Satanists will never know or see any truth and are so far from God they will never be able to ever know his love.
      Satanism is just the exact reverse of Christianity and religions of God, leading people to evolve higher.
      They are the reverse, the opposite and upside down in all things: LIES. Their lies are actually true to them.
      They are sad and they should not be placed in positions of Power and authority.
      Question: Why is it that they are all in such positions?
      Answer: Freemasonry is the Satanic religion.
      It is the religion of those who run the banking and finance systems in our world.
      They have made it impossible for anyone except Satanists to exist or to be placed in all positions of power and authority. If you don’t agree and become one of them they get rid of you.
      If you are greedy and have no conscience and would do anything for money they reward and can use you to spread Satanism world wide and the NWO. Freemasons rule the world now.
      Satanism is the one world religion now.
      Depopulation, ww3 and genocide will give them the majority, they will outnumber us soon.
      The devil is fulfilling his plan for world of domination.
      They do use and are satanists practice domination and submission, S&M sadomasochism, as sex, which is the opposite of family Love and marriage sex. It is in fact they LBGQ+ people are obsessed with pedophilia beastiality, prostitution, Hate, torture and cruelty they term sex, but it is truthfully: sexual slavery they just call it ‘consensual’.
      We do not consent so they want to force it upon us using false logic and fake guilt.
      Their sexuality is Satanic. Everything about them is devolution down to a lower demonic level.
      These people want Hell now, on earth, even before they die, to them it is heaven.
      They are all insane and dangerous to themselves and others, and all of us who are sane.
      We must stand together and stop the world being transformed into his kingdom of Hell by freemasonry and satanism.
      This is the final battle. Those who will get to heaven and those who have chosen the fast lane to Hell are being separated now. Save your souls and your children’s souls.

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