The biggest scandal to hit the Daniel Andrews government so far has just gone nuclear.

XYZ | By David Hiscox – November 18, 2022

So-called “preferences whisperer” Glenn Druery has been exposed in a video boasting that he set up the “Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party” as a front group with which to funnel votes away from One Nation, the United Australia Party and the Freedom Party:

Mr Druery explains in one video that he charged $55,000 to minor parties for optimising their preferences in order to win seats in Victoria’s upper house.

He said he helped set up the Sack Dan Andrews party to draw preference votes away from other parties.

“I could have called it the Pro Jet Trails Party, I could have called it the Port Arthur Conspiracy, I could have called it the Whacko Crazy Lunatics Party but I didn’t,” he said.

“If that gets a decent draw it’s going to completely usurp Clive [Palmer’s United Australia Party], One Nation and poor little Aidan [McLindon’s Freedom Party].”

In a fuller video he boasts how he runs his business to practically ensure that the minor parties elected are ‘his guys’, so the Labor Party can deal more easily with the upper house to push its agenda through.

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