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Scamdemic: CDC Stats Show Flu Deaths Dropped as COVID Deaths Increased

    Data shows agency categorizing deaths from common flu as covid deaths

    Adan Salazar | – July 31, 2020

    Stats directly from the CDC show flu deaths fell sharply as COVID-19 deaths suddenly increased, further fueling suspicions that deaths caused by the seasonal flu may be being counted as COVID deaths.

    The bizarre correlation is noticeable in graphs composed by an independent statistician contracted by Infowars to organize data released by the CDC in the past few months.

    In the following charts comparing flu and covid deaths in Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Michigan, the sudden drop in flu deaths is noticeable in all states around weeks 12-13.

    The graphs with blue and red overlapping lines show an inverse relationship between flu deaths and covid deaths, a trend supporting the theory that deaths from the common flu are being categorized as covid deaths – which would inflate coronavirus death count statistics.


    The X axis represents weeks of the year (with “1” representing week 1 of 2020), while the Y axis represents the number of deaths.





    “I find it curious that flu deaths drop off as covid deaths rise initially,” the statistician told Infowars, adding, “Data is never definitive. It’s always subjective.”

    “Think of visual data as just a snapshot. You can forecast, but not to exactness, just directionality.”

    Some of the data was sourced from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System:

    Other data also comes from the CDC’s “Weekly Counts of Deaths by State and Select Causes, 2019-2020”:

    As the bizarre trends seen in the graphs appear to confirm the CDC’s sleight of hand, it’s definitely reassuring the Trump administration instructed hospitals in mid-July to bypass the CDC and report data directly to the Department of Health and Human Services.

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