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Safeway Pharmacist resigns over the intercom says the covid jab kills and do not take it

    Jim Crenshaw – June 2nd, 2023

    Good for her. She figured it out and refuses to murder people.

    Please do not download & share flyers from this website 😉

    1 thought on “Safeway Pharmacist resigns over the intercom says the covid jab kills and do not take it”

    1. The simple truth is: the jews want to outnumber the gentiles and they have been pushing their poisonous medicines, and getting good natural medicines banned, making Wars to get the gentiles to kill off eachother, putting poison in your food, water and air to do it. WW3 and the WHO world takeover, and the CBDC’s will all result in a mass genocide of all gentiles on earth.
      Israel owns the Holy Land, the Vatican, Russia and China, and many European nations, they own Canada and the USA, the war that is coming to all of those nations will just be the message to the world they have successfully divided and conquered them all. The body count (mass genocide/starvation torture and imprisonment, slave labor work camps, and the carnage and decimation of everything will be high in homage to their Hellish Gods. Then the ethnic cleansing and persecution of their gentile enemies especially Catholics, protestants, Buddhists and Muslims will begin. Only Atheists and Satanists will be allowed to live in their new kingdom of Hell on earth.
      That is the future of America and speaking the name Jesus will be a crime punishable by death, also owning a Bible, or any sacramentals will be illegal. You think you are good people, but you all worship and adore the minions of Satan and their money, in place of God who created you, the money that they will turn into CBDCs which will become only acquired by accepting the totally jewish mark of the beast. The mark that makes all gentiles literally surrender to becoming non-human ‘beasts’, under the total control like any animal of the Jews as their Gods.
      The power they have on earth does not come from God, it comes from the enemies of God who are from Hell, it comes from your love of their worthless Money. The only value that money really truthful has beyond the imaginary agreed upon value your serve them by believing in, if the value it has given Satan to take over your entire world and destroy it and rob you all blind of the real things of Value that God made for you, not the ones who killed him by calling for his crucifixion: the earth’s vast resources, that were always shared in common, in communities of families as one people before the money systems arrived.
      Every traitor in Congress has pledged their souls to Israel and they have all lost their souls for doing it.
      Every traitor in Congress has pledged their souls to Israel and they have all lost their souls for doing it.
      They all know WW3 is coming, it will be Nuclear and it will be the end of freedom in America.
      It will become a prison worse than China.
      The jews want one thing: what they were promised by Satan when they did his bidding and killed Jesus Christ the son of God.
      God is watching: He is testing his children who he gave souls to at birth
      Basically the psychopaths are dead souls. They truly believe that evil is good and good is evil, that right is wrong and wrong is right. They have too much PRIDE, which is the one lethal sin that makes Demons go after them as an easy target. Just like flies go after the decomposing waste, to dead corpses, also: Satan goes after the degenerating and devolving dead souls=psychopaths. He is after all tasked to be the cosmic janitor of the universe who will remove all evil from this earth. Just as Kali Ma, is the clean up lady. Someone has to do it:
      “Then he shall say to them also that shall be ON THE LEFT: Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.”
      [Matthew 25:41]
      Those who abandon God become the property of Satan.
      The jews are born without souls, but those who serve the jews and make them their leaders, will also lose their souls and end up in Hell with the jews.
      In the end, all the jews will get is eternal Hell. Satan never keeps his promise.
      But God allows this because he is testing his creation.
      Once the jews think they have achieved their goal, the receipt of the bargain they made for Killing Jesus Christ. For killing God, and doing it so they could replace him and get all the wealth and power in the world, they will know how Satan tricked them: the world will be dead, lifeless and completely destroyed.
      They did not know the truth: the power and wealth of this world comes from God: he is the creator of this world and he is the father of this world who gives it all its riches.
      Those who preserved their own souls (only gentiles) have been allowed to be reborn and evolve higher over the course of time. Many ended their lives and went straight to Hell over time.
      Some ended up in Heaven to stay there, they are now Saints in Heaven.
      This age of reincarnation on this earth is coming to an end.
      You are the last generation. The choice of where you go at the end is up to you individually.
      This world will end and there will be no more jews to ruin this world, or those who submit to or support the jews in God’s Kingdom after this world comes to its final end. There will be a final judgment.
      By God’s mercy, you will all receive one before the final time you all die.
      It is called the warning, and you will have only a few weeks to change.
      Better you change now, it would be easier.
      There will also be miracles to save many souls.
      A soul full of truth and LOve and peace, that is the exact opposite of what the jews are and seek to make you become, is all you need, see the truth about them and be the opposite of that.
      All satanism is, is the exact opposite and reverse of what the Catholic Church teaches.
      You co-create yourself with God, and that is your soul’s purpose: a blueprint to follow.
      STOP following the EGO and PRIDE that satan and the jews tempt you with to ruin and destroy your souls. Be LOVE. All LOVE ALL the time in all ways.

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