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Russian Astro-NOT admits, we never went to Space, because it doesn’t exist – our Earth is FLAT

Marnos – August 27th, 2022

Dr. Sean Hross

2 thoughts on “Russian Astro-NOT admits, we never went to Space, because it doesn’t exist – our Earth is FLAT”

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  2. Aleister Crowley did a satnic ritual and conjured up a demon, he named “Liam” while he lived in the USA.
    Crowley traveled the earth finding tunnels that led down to Hell.
    He is the father of the FAKE space program.
    Which was really the go down to Hell program.

    Aleister Crowley claimed to open one of seven portals to hell in California near a tunnel called Devil’s Gate.
    The fake space program was all about: That Portal to Hell.
    Aleister Crowley (infamous occultist), L. Ron Hubbard (infamous Scientologist) and Jack Parsons (infamous JPL [Jet propulsion laboratories] co-founder, were all in the same California satanic coven.
    They started the space program using rockets as a cover.

    During WW3, before May 2023, you will begin to see the black sun, which exists below the earth now, as the flat earth begins to turn upside down.
    The earth will be moving and it may seem like the Black sun is moving towards us, it will be the earth, turning downwards towards it.
    The end will come when it flips, when there is a giant world wide earthquake and world wide immense wind storm, no one will survive. The earth will be rotating to go 180 degrees upside down and face Hell below it.

    You will see the black sun, the dark sun of Hell, which emits darkness and life killing energy, as the earth turns downwards.
    Once earth begins to flip sideways straight up and down, the 3 days of darkness will begin due to all the volcanoes blowing at one time. The air will be poisoned and anyone outdoors will die when they breathe the air. Demons from Hell will come up to the earth as it flips over.
    Before the earth ends and flips, during WW3, the good people of God, and the truth, peace and love, will all float upwards to Heaven.

    This side of the earth, that now can see Heaven above, will be turned down facing Hell below, and will become the upside down of the new Earth to come for billions of years.
    The other side of the earth, that formerly faced down to Hell below us, will face upwards and be recreated by God/Jesus into a new paradise.

    Many people after they die, actually fall down to Hell when they are in spirit, the tunnels people describe going through after they die are tunnels to Hell.

    When people die and fly upwards without a tunnel in their NDE, they go up to Heaven, they see Jesus.

    This world is coming to an end. Save your souls now and return to God, the alternative is more horrible than you could ever imagine. Pray and beg for God’s mercy and he will give it to you.
    God does not want for any soul to be lost. The jews have no souls and they will all end up in eternal Hell at the end of this world.

    WW2 was won by freemasonry. It was a war between good and evil. Evil satanic freemasonry won WW2. The NWO satanists, freemasons won WW2. They have now begun WW3 with JUkraine. It will go Nuclear.

    The freemasons that speak of Obama always say: “he is something worse than the illuminati”. He may very well be Satan. The Blessed Virgin, when she came to Bayside Queens as ‘Our Lady of the Roses’, told us that Satan was now living on the earth. Some say he was created in a Lab in a DUMB in Finland. The DUMBS are satanic; they are tunnels down to Hell itself.

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