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Ruled and Mandated to their graves. 3 Judges suddenly dead after jab mandate. Justice at last!

    Jim_Crenshaw – October 25th, 2021

    Source: Fat News. What can I say. Karma came by and smacked them. Mandating vaccination for probation? Are you kidding me? Masking kids, shutting down businesses, separating parents from children, fining law abiding citizens. Serves them right. If you are a judge and reading this be sure to get vaccinated and boosted before you tell others to do so. Black robed criminals running Satanic courts. Why do I say that? They follow Roman Catholic Civil Law…the same law used to convict and crucify Jesus. BAM

    3 thoughts on “Ruled and Mandated to their graves. 3 Judges suddenly dead after jab mandate. Justice at last!”

    1. Ángel Barraza del Toro

      I am surprised at your biased comments. The Catholic and Orthodox churches were part of the original apostolic Christian church that date back to the founding of Christianity. It was about 500 years ago that began the separations known as protestants. Christianity is a twisted reproduction of the Greco-Roman religion, Jupiter is God the father, the virgin Mary is Hera, Jesus Apollo, etc. etc. Jesus was executed by popular decision of the Jewish people when a pardon was proposed by the Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilatus, the people chose Barrabas and screwed Jesus, which in fact did not become God (or son of God) until about the 7th century. By the way, I am not Catholic, not even protestant, Muslim, nor believe in Odin, Khali, Ra or Huitzilopochtli. My God is Gold and its saints, wine women and song. Yeah.

    2. Ángel Barraza del Toro

      Oh, other than that I agree with your opinion of the present state of things. Ignorance and hearsay, the ruling style of today. Let us hope not for long.

    3. You need to go back to school and learn the history of Christianity. If Catholic Europe was invaded successfully by the Arabs, you today would know nothing about Jesus. Catholic Martyrs paid the ultimate price so that we today can know God and know His Love and forgiveness.

      You Bible alone people are so deceived and blind. Freemasonry is the real enemy and in the ’60s they did manage to infiltrate the Church and causing thousands of churches to close after all these scandals. Dr. Bella Dodd was an American Communist leader and she left the party and testified in front of congress of the infiltration of communists in all branches of government. Also, she enrolled 1,300 young men into Catholic Seminaries for the sole purpose of destroying the Church from within and promoting one another to powers of great influence.

      I use to be in the occult so I know that for 2,000 years Satan had to place one of his own minions on the papal throne. This way apostasy would start at the top. Freemasons, Jews, Zionism, Satanatis, Communists, Socialists all have one thing in common: HATRED FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and at this very moment the Vatican is controlled by Satan and he is trying his best to change the traditional teachings of the church, but it’s not as easy as it seems.
      Anyway, the Chief Justice of SCOTUS, Biden, Pelosi call themselves Catholics…but they are by default non-Catholics for supporting abortion, gay marriage, etc. Satan doesn’t want to destroy the Church he wants to use it for his own self-interests. The Catholic Church is the true Bride of Christ. however, what we see today in the Vatican and many Catholic parishes is a counterfeit Catholic Church. Again. go back to school or read about the early Church Father and see how wrong you are about Christianity. The gates of hell will never prevail against the Catholic Church…she has been around for 2,000 years, no institution has lasted so long. Again, focus on the real enemy: Zionism, Masonry, and Communists.

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