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Roe overturned, Gun rights, LIB/Demonic SCREAMS, more PAIN COMING! GRACE + PRAY!

    And We Know Published June 24, 2022

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    Oh Happy Day

    RINOS voted for Gun Control
    Know your enemy

    Louisiana Attorney General requested as ‘special counsel’ for Trump in election investigation

    Another Child Lost To The Climate Change Pandemic, RIP 🙏

    🇦🇺 Australia Young Mother Refused A Kidney Transplant Due To The Fact She Is Unvaccinated… Left To Slowly Die For Her Safety…

    Pfizer’s CEO Is Asked If People Will Have To Take A Covid Shot Every Year: “I’m Almost Certain About It.”

    So the Supreme Court defended a voter ID law and upheld our second amendment in liberal New York on the most based and red pilled Justice Thomas’ birthday?

    Supreme Court allows the carrying of firearms in public in major victory for gun rights groups

    Song with Biden singing about 30 rounds

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