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RIP Jordan Maxwell. You will be missed. Thank you.

    Jim Crenshaw – March 25th, 2022

    Here is what I can say about Jordan. It is not his official obit just a few thoughts I had about the man:
    Jordan Maxwell passed away March 23rd 2022. Jordan was a well-known researcher into the occult, religion and symbology, Jordan has died at the age of 82. May he rest in peace.

    Jordan Maxwell, was a researcher, lecturer and book author on occult knowledge. His sudden death has stunned his fans and followers.

    Jordan spent over 60 years of his life investigating and researching occult knowledge and traveled the world to do so. Jordan managed to have an impact on a large number of people, who will miss him. There is currently little information regarding how he died. Hopefully, the sources near to him will soon report about his cause of death.

    His followers have taken to the internet to express their grievances and condolences to the deceased soul and family. They are also thanking him for sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world.

    There is certainly discussion about the veracity of the things he has said about supernatural things and extra-terrestrial matters, but his knowledge was vast on a variety of subjects and he spent his life sharing that knowledge with the rest of the world.

    Jordan gave us a great amount of information about the existence of secret societies like the Illuminati. He often spoke in great depth on the bible, religion, maritime law and even other races such as the Reptilians.

    He greatly impacted many of his followers, who he inspired to follow the path he carved into the unknown.

    Thank you Jordan you will be missed.
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