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RESTRICTIONS LIFTED: Here’s what Melburnians can now do

    Sky News Australia – Sep 27, 2020

    Victoria’s restrictions will be lifted “ahead of schedule” as Daniel Andrews announces massive changes to the livelihoods of Victorians starting from Sunday evening.

    Mr Andrews said the lockdowns and measures currently in place are working evidenced by the rolling 14-day case average of 22.1 significantly below the 30-50 target mark. “The fact that this is working and we have done better as a community than what we thought we were going to be able to do by this point of time,” he said.

    Starting from 11:59 on Sunday evening changes to work, school, childcare, gatherings, faith-based gatherings, and health care practices will take effect. In terms of outdoor public gatherings, a household or a maximum of five people from two households will be able to gather outside.

    The current restrictions on one shopping visit per day will be lifted, while a household is no longer restricted to one person per shop. “It doesn’t need to be just one person any longer … but that is not an invitation for an entire family group to go to the supermarket,” the premier said.

    Childcare will open for all children without the need of a permit, with the five-kilometre limit no longer applying.

    A limit of five people plus a faith leader is now the restriction placed on outdoor faith-based activity.

    Of interest to many Melburnians, facilities such as tennis clubs and bowls clubs will remain closed but exercise not requiring a facility will be allowed five kilometres from people’s home with the 2-hour limit applying.

    In a big change for industry and the economy, 127,000 workers will return to work, and for those people, the five-kilometre exercise-radius will be applied to their place of work.

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