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..required curriculum at every high school …But by 1967, this film was removed from all libraries. pureblood – March 10th, 2023

    It was 1946 and this lost educational film on *despotism* was required curriculum at every high school in America. The associated test, 11 pages quizzed students on the concepts. By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries.


    1 thought on “..required curriculum at every high school …But by 1967, this film was removed from all libraries.”

    1. In 1927, the wealthy companies wanted more wealth. They were told by the jews to cut labor costs and thereby make more profit. It was a CON. They did not make more profit, they closed their businesses or sols them for pennies on the dollar to the jews. Why? When so many people were laid off and out of work from the technique, of cutting labor costs for bigger profits, there were not people to spend any money on the goods and services those businesses produced. The jews bought up all the communications media for pennies on the dollar, and now own a monopoly on all of it since then. The newspaers, educational publishing, book publishing, magazines, Radio, and entertainment. Which they have sued ever since to indoctrinate people into accepting the antichrist people: the jews are good and everything formerly thought of as good became myth, superstition and fantasy. To worship science and reject all the old knowledge and spiritual truths. Like God, and religion, morals and values. They took over TV and the man who invented it got NOTHING for it. The same with the movies. They own all of it.
      Where did they get the idea? From Goebbels. He used the media to teach people the opposite, the truth. He was the minister of enlightenment. Everything the jews say about him the opposite is true. They do what all jews do what it tells them to do in their Talmud: “blame your enemy for everything evil you are guilty of”.
      That is when you began to become corrupted and stupid by believing lie after lies from the jews.
      Now look where it has gotten you.
      The same con is about to be renewed by the jews. This time it is all about AI.
      They plan to get everyone’s jobs taken away by AI robots.
      When everyone is out of work, or dead from their vaXXines, or the poisons and man made pathogens from their secret bio-labs. Every business will fall again. The jew plan to buy up EVERYTHING.
      They will let you all starve. In 1929, farmers fed people, people wenr hone to family farms.
      The jews are also making sure there will be no farms but the ones the jews own, or Gates who is a jew-666 or China will own all the farm land. To make you slaves for food, to make you renounce Jesus for food. To make you take the mark of the beast for food. Then take the food back and herd you like cattle.
      They have fed you lie after lie, and programmed you to be submissive little slaves and worship the jews as if they were God’s replacement, or emissaries.
      They are the enemies of God, our souls and all that is holy.
      They have made you stupid.

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