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#RealNotRare: Vax-Injured Women Release Video To Raise Awareness About Adverse Reactions

    Kelen McBreen – December 8th 2021, 4:31 pm

    The establishment continues pushing the false narrative that these dangerous reactions are “extremely rare”


    A group of women who had their lives turned upside down after taking an experimental Covid shot recently created a video meant to bring attention to their adverse reactions.

    “Hello, Pfizer. Hello, Moderna. Hello, AstraZeneca. Hello, Johnson & Johnson,” the women tell the camera in the video’s intro. “Hello, CDC. Hello, FDA,” they add.

    Ladies with both European and American accents tell the audience, “Our goal is not intended to spread a further divide in the vaxxed Vs. anti-vax community. We are pro-choice, pro-information, but most importantly pro-safety.”

    “We have been hurt, our lives have been altered and we need help,” the women continue. “Doctors are scrambling for answers and we are desperate for help. Help share our stories, help our voices be heard. Help us bring together the medical community so we can receive the help we so desperately need. We are real, we are here and we want our lives back. #RealNotRare.”

    The information gatekeepers working for the world’s largest social media companies have decided the hashtag #RealNotRare is potentially spreading misinformation as seen in the following screenshot from Instagram.

    “Looking for vaccine info?” Instagram asks when a user searches for the hashtag. “When it comes to health, everyone wants reliable, up-to-date information. Visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The website has information that can help answer questions you may have about vaccines.”

    Users are then directed to the CDC website if they click on the link provided by Instagram.

    After bypassing the social media site’s prompt, users can see about 30 posts by vaccine-injured people or their families.

    However, at the bottom of the first page of search results, Instagram admits to hiding other posts using that hashtag because, “Some posts may not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”

    For all we know, there could be hundreds of thousands of posts under the hashtag, but Instagram won’t let anyone see.

    This is just one small example of the censorship loopholes these women are forced to trek through in order to have their voices heard.

    One of the women who appeared in the video posted it to her social media this week, writing, “To the incredible women I’ve met along the way, thank you. Thank you for your strength, your support and your sisterhood. The past six months would have been unbearable without you, so thank you. You each have handled an impossible situation with such grace and I can only hope I’ve done the same. Your resilience and determination despite difficult circumstances and faltering health is truly inspiring.”

    She told her followers, “To the audience in attendance – I hope that each of you have kept an open heart and an open mind. Many of us are facing the most challenging health battle of our lives, all while navigating through a heavily debated and highly controversial topic. Our health has been politicized, scrutinized and heavily criticized. And honestly, it’s been a hard place to heal.”

    “I understand that many of you may find it hard to believe that this can happen,” she continued. “And I don’t blame you, I’m still in disbelief myself. I also understand that your skepticism likely stems from the fact that this hasn’t happened to you or your loved ones. And I pray it never will. But, this is real and it is happening, to us.”

    The vaccine-injured young lady added, “I can only hope that one day answers as to why this happened will surface, that studies are enacted to prevent future complications and that further research is conducted for the enhancement of both health and science. Above all, I truly hope no one will have to endure what we have the past six months. It’s been tough, but so are we.” View this post on Instagram

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    Shame on those who are preventing these testimonies from being heard as well as those who quickly dismiss these personal accounts all in the name of politics.

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